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Bank Name: NCB (AlAhli) Acc Name: NAAFH Hospital
IBAN: SA89 1000 00 06654804000101

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Please Re-Confirm your Registration before your arrival to KKMC by calling 037871777 ext. 2818/2931/2705

You must submit your Saudi ID/IQAMA copy with this for Preparation of gate Pass                                FAX : +966 3 787 1382

Coordinator, Organising Committee
Northern Area Armed Forces Hospital
P O Box: 10018 
Hafer Al Batin 31991
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  Tel : +966 3 7871777 ext. 2818/2221
Fax : +966 3 787 1382
  : +966 3 787 3101
Email :
Web :